*Image Credits: Gunter Maier, Mike Osterich and Jim Leggett


Liz Leggett Papp is a Photojournalist from Montreal, Canada.

She started shooting cars with her father over a decade ago and 

has been working for publications for several years. 

With a passion for cars and for sharing her experiences on the 

road, her images are internationally published.


 A proud member of the Lady Luck Car Club from Oakland, CA.

Long Road Trips

2012 Montreal, Bonneville and California - 15 States visited, 

9,000 miles driven, 7 weeks living and driving cross country in a 1974 VW Wesfalia Bus

2013 Montreal, Bonneville and California

7 weeks and 9,500 miles in Alice, a stock 1950 Chevy.

2014 Montreal, Bonneville and California Again! 

7 1/2 weeks and 9,000 miles in Alice, a stock 1950 Chevy.

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Alice Goes to Bonneville

Route 66 & US Attractions Map